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Accelerated depreciation is a depreciation method in which a capital asset reduces its book value at a faster (accelerated) rate than it would by just using the standard depreciation allowed under the tax code.

The IRS Compliant Method refers to following the IRS ATG (Audit Technique Guide) for accelerated depreciation.

Accelerated depreciation allows you to claim the tax benefits from depreciation in fewer years. You might pay the same amount of tax in 20 years. However, since cash is more valuable today, you are paying less in real terms.

Please Note that Refund will not be in Cash but in tax savings. You ll receive more cash flow due to reduced tax liability at the end of the each year. You can Claim this tax saving when you submit your return to IRS.

Rental Property Refund is an accelerated depreciation service provider. You can reduce your tax liability and increase cash flows by claiming this tax benefit on your residential rental properties. 

The report provided by Rental Property Refund is indeed legal and follows the IRS ATG Guidelines. Since it will be part of your annual return to the IRS, accelerated depreciation is provisioned by law.

Refund Reports issued by Rental Property Refund follow every IRS guidelines. We stand by our reports if you ever come under an IRS audit and we will provide answers to any IRS questions.

Once you have answered all of the questionnaire, it will take 2-3 weeks before you receive the report via email.

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